MFS Accounting and Texation

We render Accounting and Tax Management services to individuals and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

It has been our experience that many individuals and small business owners do not have the time or the money to monitor their tax situation and often get surprised at the amount of tax they owe.We will assist you to take advantage of the available Tax Management Strategies throughout the financial year.


We strive to develop our people professionally and economically to manage their taxes more efficiently. Our services include:

  • Individual Tax Management Programs
  • Salary Restructuring
  • Tax Advice and returns
  • Auditing Services

Why choose us?

Our company is manned by a dedicated team of hardworking individuals dedicated to ensuring that you get the best value for money and the best service available in the market.We have core principles which are carried out internally, to our clients and in all our dealings to ensure that we are a company that you can trust, at all levels.

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